Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking a Bit Grim

Now that the enormous turning point of the end of my formal education has passed, it's time to focus on another goal. While one of the goals will definitely be searching for whatever job or internship will have me, the current life-changing effort is to return to the idyllic state of fitness and slimness I achieved back in my senior year at Wake. The specific goal that will help me achieve this? Training for the Grim Challenge this December.

The Grim Challenge is, as the website will tell you, an 8-mile off-road course along the tank proving grounds in Aldershot. You run, crawl under camouflage netting, and wade through giant man-made puddles. Sebastian did the race last year and loved it. I promised him (in front of witnesses) that I'd run it with him this year. I may live to regret that promise.

So, in accordance with the website's guidelines, I'm working my way back up to running 5 miles outdoors without stopping. I used to do 5-6 miles most weekdays back at Penfold Street when I could run through Regent's Park and along the canal to Camden and back. Matters have declined a bit since moving into the 'burbs. But, today's run proves that it's not far to go. The intense weight training and swimming I can do at the gym should help as well.

Today's stats:
41 minutes
3.8 miles
Average speed: 10.8 minutes per mile...including the fact that I took 2 breaks to walk.
Path? Through the neighbourhood until I could pick up the Blackwater Valley Path. It's nice to have a scenic place to go running...seeing nothing but city streets is depressing.

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