Saturday, September 18, 2010

Accidentally in Aldershot

That's right, unlike the lead singer of the Counting Crows I wasn't Accidentally in Love, but accidentally in Aldershot. How did this happen?

The husband and I decided that after weeks of flaking, mind-changing and illness to make good on our expressed intent to go for a Saturday morning run. The shame and guilt were starting to creep in by this point. We had to go just to break the cognitive dissonance. Anyway, shoes on feet and iPods to the ready, we set out to do a good 5-mile course through the neighbourhood and along the canal until we picked up the nature path that would put us back home. Little did we realise that a wrong turn at the end of the canal part of our route would take us 20 minutes out of our way...and all the way to the Aldershot roundabout that puts us 3 minutes from the chapel.

Of course, neither of us realised this grievous error until, seeing the road on the wrong side of us, we checked the exit sign on the roundabout and saw that it headed towards Reading and Camberley...and home. We'd swung 2 miles too far south. To add insult to injury, at the point where we made a wrong turn, we were 2/3 of the way home. Navigation FAIL.

There was nothing for it but to turn back the way we'd come and pick up the right path. Surprising myself, I made it all the way back home, actually running about 85% of the time. That's pretty good for the farthest distance I've ever run all at once. I mean, I've done some hardcore hikes - Angels' Landing in Zion National Park, not to mention the all-day excursions on our latest holiday to France - but to run for an hour and 40 minutes is intense even for me.

At least I know now that I can handle the distance for the Grim Challenge. The cold and the muddy dirtiness should just be an added bonus.

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