Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day Off

The best thing about taking a day off from dissertation writing? It's hard to say. Watching the old 6 episodes of Seattle Grace: On Call was pretty fun. Not having to change out of pyjamas until I go to see my trainer at the gym is enjoyable, if only because I never do it. Downloading lots of music that I've been meaning to catch up on is always nice. I got to do the vacuuming without using it as a study break. How lame of a study break is that?

That said, I have been looking up potential jobs and internships. Not something I especially enjoy. Looking for a job is always the annoying part. The part that gives you an ulcer and a migraine. The lovely catch 22 of it all is that everywhere wants you to have experience in their field, but no one's hiring people without experience! Explain to me please, museums, how I'm supposed to get more experience than my 4-month internship in DC 3 years ago if you won't hire me! Won't even take me on without paying me! Seriously. That last option clearly doesn't strain your budgets. I feel like in order to get a job in this sector, I just need to wait for someone to die. Then their very high-up position gets filled, and we fill the gap of the person who left to take the dead man's job, and hopefully, this is all done in-house so that the trickle down effect leaves me with an internship opening to exploit. (Or even better: a paid entry-level job.)

For now, it's back to downloading songs so I can get ready to dash to the gym. Can't be late!

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