Friday, October 16, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Victory...and Spiced Pumpkin

After my "long" day of seminars (four hours of two back-to-back classes) I decided to take my usual route home: walking via Covent Garden.

Today at long last, the slight detour paid off (though yesterday's small haul of Lay's barbecue crisps and Oreos wasn't bad either): I now have my canned pumpkin puree. The last part of my chronicle has ended and the proverbial Holy Grail as been found. Anything else - condensed milk, allspice, vegetable oil - is a peripheral concern and easily obtained at Morrison's or Waitrose.

Stokley pumpkin (citrouille since it's Canadian), I salute you for making my usual autumnal confections possible.

oh you lovely I come...

hello piece de resistance
(hopefully with homemade whipped cream as well)

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