Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting in the Swing of It

Today has finally felt like what can be termed my "usual" run through Regent's Park and the surrounding areas. I suppose it couldn't be a real run at all until I caved and got myself trainers. So precarious was my determination to get back to running after nearly a 2-month hiatus that I had to commit to two runs in my evil white walking shoes (read: cheap Target slip-ons with padding) just to make sure that I'd keep the trend up once I had trainers.

The trainers purchased, I think I made a good (or at least decent) effort over the course of another three runs before my headphones died. After some brave attempts to melt the plastic covering for the wires into place in such a way that would bring the sound sputtering back to life in my right ear-bud, it gave up the ghost and I sussed out a Maplin to grab some replacements. I like my replacements: they stay in my ears much better than the old ones. This means that there is much less temptation to slow down or even (how sacrilegious!) stop running in order to adjust the sound feed which sustains my momentum. It's an interesting phenomenon - probably I'm just too used to having the headphones in when I exercise at all - but I definitely noticed my will to push onwards diminishing severely on my run Tuesday when the right ear-bud started showing its first signs of illness. It coughed and stuttered in and out, occasionally granting me a blissful four consecutive seconds of stereo sound and so to stop concentrating on how much further I had to go to get to the flat, I focussed instead on just what tracks from my favourite songs were missing now that the right stereo had gone the way of the Dodo.

Today's run involved the push of an extra mile to and from Camden Lock. Google Maps convinced me upon my return that this means I've run approximately 6 miles today, which impresses me more than perhaps it ought to. I'd like to make that route and distance the routine for now and then press on a bit further in the coming weeks. Of course, it remains to be seen what my uni schedule will allow for what with reading and revising, but I have the suspicion that I should be able to carve a suitable 2-hour block from most days to dedicate towards a run, and the subsequent required shower and hair-fixing. I'm trying to keep at bay now the vague idea that to keep up enthusiasm I probably ought to have a goal, like trying to run a half-marathon come May or June. Perish the thought. I think for now I'll content my goal setting with something that feels less ambitious: like trying to keep up with Sebastian for a 5-mile jaunt. Er...on second thought, perhaps my goals need a bit more time to simmer.

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