Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick Cycle Carousel (Lifehouse)

Currently forced abed (or perhaps more accurately, achair) for the day by a mysterious stomach virus, I decided it was the perfect time to make an addition to my blog. There's a lovely pea-soup fog blanketing the campus at the moment, making it a perfectly miserable day to be outside, and yet a perfectly splendid day to be inside.
(vicious germs and viruses attacking my insides like Caesar's troops at Pharsala)

Thankfully, what little time it took to set up the website for the International Affairs Provost has already passed. I didn't have to do most of the work - I left the intensely technical stuff to Ross, the RTA - but what little I did do had a very down-to-the-wire, Jack-Bauer-on-24 feel to it. The goal was to get done and out before being overwhelmed by the legions of germs and other nasty microbes wreaking havoc with my insides. Having trudged out through the pea-soupiness of the morning, I planned on only a half-hour's-worth of work before slinking back pathetically to the comfort of my bed. Of course, my technical ineptitude stepped in to trap me in Kline's office for an extra half hour adjusting the picture files for his website. The battle won with minimal casualties, I slinked off the field of honour to enjoy the relative comfort of a plush chair and pyjamas.

I've decided that I'm having something of a tiff with technology in general lately. I discovered last night that Seb's computer, in particular, seems to have it out for me. You see, after hours'-worth of conversation on skype, the computer in all its maternal (and slightly Manchurian Candidate) instinct decided to repeatedly kick him off the wireless connection. This was the computer's not-so-subtle hint that I was flouting the curfew it was trying valiantly to impose upon him. I think that next time I may have to worry, gone awry isn't very kind to those who try to countermand its orders...
(creepy...really creepy. Nothing's wrong, HAL; nothing at all...)

I keep my fingers crossed that my lovely uni-issued Lenovo POS doesn't decide to turn on me before I can back up all my files on an external drive. I think the real solution here is just to save everything in a Pensive and send my messages by owl courier: Dumbledore had the right idea. Of course, barring a trip to Olivander's, the current system will have to do.

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