Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Santa Monica (Savage Garden)

One of my many songs for when I'm absolutely and irrefutably knackered. And I am certainly that. The SFAC is fantastic - I practically live there and have done the past 3 years. Art department work study, theatre classes, a ballet class, and enough music credit hours to have minored had I chosen to. However, 4 hours of 3 different rehearsals is enough to take it out of anyone. Virtuously (though with regret at the other activities my virtue precluded) I scampered off to quintet rehearsal just before 6pm. I was so virtuous that in my precipitous push out the door to practise I managed to leave behind my music for the second of my three rehearsals. So from a productive quintet rehearsal it was straight on to wind ensemble. The agenda for the evening was a particuarly sinister-seeming trombone concerto...a modern trombone concerto. Bits of it are reminiscent of the good days of John Williams' score writing (Jurrasic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET, Empire of the Sun, Superman, Harry Potter...) and those are fun. Actually, considering that we played it at about 2/3 tempo, it went over much easier than was expected after listening to a recording.

Onwards, then, to a cappella rehearsal. (Tangent: according to the spell checker, my spelling isn't nearly so atrocious as I thought...) Innuendo was fab tonight - as it was last night. We're currently working on perfecting our repertoire in order to cut a CD for the first time in ages! Certainly the first time since any of us seniors joined the group. Excited then, as we are, the room had enough energy that it felt like a good dose of ritalin was order at times. Who knew that discussions about which syllables to use in a chorus versus a verse could yield such exuberant silliness? Never mind; I should have known that after 3 years. (The musically-themed inside jokes from rehearsals nearly tally with the inside-jokes rife with sexual fact, some times they overlap...) Thus far our nearly perfected playlist runs as follows:
  1. Apologize (Timbaland and OneRepublic)
  2. Accidentally in Love (Counting Crows)
  3. Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
  4. Push (Matchbox 20)
  5. We All Need Saving (Jon McLaughlin)
  6. Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
  7. Lonesome Road (James Taylor)
  8. Crash (Dave Matthews Band
It's quite the upper to come out of a successful rehearsal at the end of the evening...but not enough of an upper to keep my eyes open much longer. Any chance at further productivity is now shot, and I will reward my very long day with oatmeal raisin cookies and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's been far too long since I've read any of the Harry Potter books as I left all mine at home. I'd shake my fist in anger at the weight restrictions on the aeroplane which forced me to abandon about half of my personal library, but if even half the passengers packed the way I do the plane would never leave the ground.

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