Saturday, February 14, 2009

Syrup & Honey (Duffy)

Valentine’s Day! Normally, I’m not that big on it. Dunno, I'm just not a hint-dropping, chocolate-filled-heart-shaped-box-coveting, teddy-bear-giving sort of girl. In fact, I couldn't even type out "heart-shaped box" without thinking of the Nirvana song before the little chocolate truffle boxes I was actually referencing. Yeah: I even had long conversations with Krystle about how flowers just die and that’s a lot of money for something pretty that I can easily kill…sort of like a puppy. That’s terrible. Anyway, after firmly proclaiming my apathetic stance with regards to Valentine’s, I have succumb to giggling and saying in a high-pitched voice, “I have tulips!” You know, sometimes I amuse even myself. (“That doesn’t sound too hard…” Star Wars, anyone?)
The tulips were a lovely surprise when I was on my way to Greek Myth and indulged my slightly obsessive compulsive impulse to frequently check my snail mail/e-mail. When I pulled out the slip to pick up a package, the first thing I thought was, “all the textbooks I ordered came in, right?” Clearly I get just a little stupider at the most opportune times. Must make it far easier for Sebastian to surprise me…like at Christmas. He sent my present to Victoria, who then lied quite smoothly to me saying she bought herself something as a Christmas present during exams and was going the whole nine yards to wrap it and put it under the tree. (Several brain cells of mine must have been out running errands during this particular story.)
Nina's party is later, which will be fun as it involves a chance to dress up (ever enjoyable now that I've made best friends with the Stair Master in the gym), as well as to give her a birthday serenade. Not sure yet what I'll sing for her, but she did ask me to, so I ought to consider it with a bit more urgency, I think.

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